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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy  is a unique advanced therapy to diagnose and treat myofascial trigger points, referred pain patterns, muscles spasms, stiffness,myofascial pain syndromes, and chronic pain. Trigger Point Therapy can complement traditional or conventional physiotherapy to treat patients with pain, restriction of motion, and structural symptoms.  

The aim is to reduce muscular tension, deactivate trigger points, sports injuries, low back pain and many common medical conditions. Trigger Point Therapist at Complementary Therapy integrates a variety of Specialized Body Work, techniques for the proper diagnosis and treatment of myofascial pain due to myofascial trigger points or sore point. Our comprehensive approach has become the mainstay of diagnosis for the treatment of common pain such as:


Trigger Point Therapy Treatment Approaches

Our unique integration of complementary alternative therapies has facilitated pain relief and better quality of life of our clients on a regular basis.

  • Differential diagnosis 
  • Comprehensive patient history 
  • Pain mapping 
  • Range of motion evaluation 
  • Postural analysis 
  • Identification of perpetuating factors 
  • Correction of perpetuating factors 
  • Integrated Manual techniques to treat myofascial pain and dysfunction 
  • Personalized patient rehabilitation program 
  • Patient education 

Trigger Point Therapy Major Benefits

  • Eliminate or decrease pain.  
  • Increase range of motion, flexibility and strength. 
  • Improve sleep, a common problem associated with myofascial pain. 
  • Increase endurance at work and play. 
  • Decrease or eliminate medication, under doctors supervision. 
  • General improvement in quality of life and fitness level, increased energy and reduced stress. 
  • Increase body awareness. 

Trigger Point Therapy

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