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My 81 years old mum has knee pain for many years. After several treatment with John, her mobility and pain has improved...

I have seen many professionals over two years. I was treated with lasers, electro-therapy etc and have not found relief or the desired improvement. I found John's method to be effective in solving my frozen shoulder pain.  John knows exactly what he is doing....45 years old lady, Admin.

I came to seek treatment from John for my pelvic problem which disrupted my water sking exercise. I am happy that John is able to clear my pain...Spanish, 27.

"I can see light at the end of the tunnel, we are moving in the right direction", my back pain feels better...Indian man, 30

My daugter's spasticity and muscle tone has much improved. She is more lively and moves alot better....3 years old cerebral palsy.

My son's academic performance has much improved and he is calmer now....boy 9 years old, Attention deficit  

To all my clients, both youth and senior, THANK YOU for being nice and understanding. Best wishes to all of you for good health, good life.

John Tham
Happy Clients