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Complementary Alternative Medicine Service Fees

Physical Therapy

Single Treatment Session - inclusive of consultation (60 minutes) - $SGD 80.00

Advanced Body Work, Physical Therapy,Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Treatment, Pain Relief, Medical Massage,Neuromuscular Therapy,Acupressure Therapy

Mind-Body Medicine

Single Session (30 minutes) - NEUROFEEDBACK,Biofeedback  $80
Single EEG Assessment (90 minutes)  $195
Home based /Web Based Neurofeedback / Stress Relief / Biofeedback training.  Check

Other Therapies

Hair Mineral Analysis  $250
Food Allergy / Food Intolerance  $120
Energy Medicine - EFT, Naet, Counselling, CST  $120

House Call or On-site Visits

  • Clinic or centres visits
  • Home visits
  • School visits
  • Community visits

Please note that additional fees applicable for out-of-centre visits, please check with us.

For appointment, please call: +65 9665 4273

If you are unable to reach or get through our line, all of our staff are most probably engaged with clients. Please do call again, or consider sending us an sms to get back to you.

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