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Premium Omega 3

Our pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3 that has a unique combination of Omega 3 and Vitamin E.  Each soft gel is packed with 70% of high concentration Omega 3 and is also innovatively designed for easy swallow for people of all ages.    Omega is an extraction of fish oil from specially selected fatty fish caught in the cold Antarctic Ocean and combined with natural (plant based) vitamin E.



The product is manufactured by a FDA Approved Production facility in  Norway.  The production process, control routines and quality assurance comply with GMP Standard (Good Manufacturing Practice) and European Pharmacopeia Standard.   She has also undergone the stringent test conducted by PSB Corporation of Singapore.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acids that our body needs them to function healthier and this nutrient cannot be produced by our body; they must be supplied by the diet.  Regular consumption of Omega 3 will helps to promote a healthy heart, improve the functions of blood vessel and blood circulation, lower "bad" Cholesterol and enhance your overall immune system.



Product Facts and Specifications

Nutritional value of one daily dose (2 softgels x 500 mg):

  • 700 mg Omega-3 (70%)
  • 10 mg natural vitamin E
  • 350 mg EPA (50%): good for the heart and blood circulation
  • 250 mg DHA (36%): good for the brain, eye and nervous system
  • 100 mg other n-3 (14%) 



Product Quality

  • A pharmaceutical grade Omega 3E
  • Endorsed and Recommended by National Heart Association in Norway 
  • Manufactured by FDA Certified Facility 
  • Halal Certified Gelatin

If you eat fatty fish less than twice a week, Active flow unique blend of Omega 3 and natural vitamin E will be the right supplement for you.


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