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Premium Calcium

Our premium calcium supplement has many benefits to enhance your bone, cardiovascular,kidney,weight management and much more!


Our calcium contains an entire spectrum of plant nutrients, large quantities of Calcium and Magnesium, plus 73 trace minerals. 

AlgaeCalĀ® Plus is Preferred for the Following Reasons

  • Bio-available - calcium is pre-digested by the algae

  • Contains a whole complex of minerals which interact with one another to keep a balance

  • Has high amounts of vitamin D3. Recent research shows more than 400 IU /day is needed for calcium absorption

  • Contains vitamin K2 which is extremely beneficial for bone health and deficient in most diets

  • Contains no fillers or excipients or flowing agents. Just pure ingredients.

  • Easy to swallow gelatin capsule rather than hard tablets


Premium calcium are produced from plant not  limestone. Our calcium are  harvested live, just like vegetables from a garden, then cold processed to retain nutritional value.


Bio-available and Ionic

The porous nature of premium calcium dramatically increases surface area which lends itself to extensive ionization. Calcium must be completely dissolved in order to be absorbed, so this is an important first step. Dissolution tests mimicking stomach acid show 97% goes into solution within 30 minutes, providing calcium to be very bio-accessible!


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AlgaeCal Calcium Supplement Will Give You Stronger Bones in 180 Days


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