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Modern physical therapist provide therapeutic interventions to help parents manage pediatric child or kids with cerebral palsy at home with evidenced based body-based physical therapies such as myotherapy, acupressure, pediatric massage for kids with special needs, developmental delay,movement disorder spastic, Dyskinetic CP.

Kids Therapy session are mostly enjoyable that encourage muscle strength and coordination training of the musculoskeletal system. Physical Therapist facilitates restoration of muscles weakness and reduce spacticity for kids with cerebral palsy or movement disorders. 


Kids Therapy program help parents of a child with cerebral palsy towards achieving sensorimotor development such as head control, symmetry,gait restoration,stability and  reduction in movement, muscular problems and complications. Some severe cp kids may require orthopaedic management.

Kids Therapy by our modern therapist perform kids home therapy regularly and advice the parents on issues and work toward common functional goals of rehabilitation that are within the kid's capabilities.


Kids Home Therapy

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