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NeuroSuit FAQs

What is the NeuroSuit ?

NeuroSuit™  consist of a breathable material and includes a hat, vest, shorts, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves. NeuroSuit™  is a comfortable rehabiliation suit intereconnected by resistive bungees that help bring the body into correct alignment allowing you to exercise and learn new correct patterns of movement.

What is NeuroSuit  good for?

NeuroSuit™ is primarily as a treatment for cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disorders, developmental delays, traumatic brain injury, post-stroke, ataxia, athetosis, spasticity, and hypotonia.

What are the benefits of NeuroSuit ?

The bungee cords act as a muscle frame. Just wearing the suit provides a correction in the posture of the body and extremities, which provides a vertical load on antigravity muscles. This allows the normalisation of afferent messages from muscles and joints to the brain, activating motor centres in the body's central nervous system.

Coupled with the NeuroSuit™ MethodTM, which involves a range of exercises, the suit stimulates the brain systems' delayed in development. And with the normalisation of afferent input from the wearer's muscles and joints, it creates new pathways to-and-from the central nervous system. This strengthens weak muscles and creates the repetition of new skills, allowing the creation of new movement patterns even when the person isn't wearing the suit.

 How does the NeuroSuit help?

NeuroSuit™worn over prolonged time during physical therapy can help correct proprioception and accelerate neuromotor development. In the process, motor function and skills practiced will be mechanically more efficient. Neurosuiit compression cords or These elastic bands provide compression, provide external support and facilitate better postural alignment with improved posture. NeuroSuit™ user can receives strong yet gentle feedback from the bands and reinforcing the learning of new neuromotor patterns while benefiting from muscular fitness, improved body awareness, balance and coordination.

 How long can one wear NeuroSuit?

NeuroSuit™is usually not worn more than 2 hours at a time. While in the NeuroSuit™all the systems are elevated due to the components of exercise such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood volume and kidney output. Therefore 2 hours at a time is typically the longest length of time to wear the NeuroSuit™

What effects Neurosuit has on the user?

The patient may have the sensation of still wearing the NeuroSuit™. The effects remains with the patient for a couple of hours after removing it. This is an optimal time to practice the newly learned skills in the suit and repeat the skills while out of the NeuroSuit™

How will I know what exercises to do in the NeuroSuit?

Parents are encourage to perform home program with their child using the NeuroSuit™ NeuroSuit™ training includes learning different exercises to do while in the Neuro suit in order to accomplish the pre-set goals. Neurosuit Therapist will help you customized an application sheet and advice you the specific exercises to do while in the NeuroSuit™

How will I know where to place the bungees and how tight to make it?

Customization is key in the fitting and bungee placement for each family purchasing a NeuroSuit™ to use at home as part of their home exercise program. During training you will learn how tight or loose to apply the bungees and will even need to demonstrate to the instructor competency to pass the course.

What is the minimum age to use NeuroSuit?

The child should be at least 2 years old. Children who are too young may not benefit from NeuroSuit™ usage.

How soon can I see the results with NeuroSuit™ ?

Instantly! Postural improvement, increased mechnical efficiency and better neuromotor function are just some of the benefits.

Is there sufficine evidenced in the published, peer-reviewed scientific literature to establish the safety and effectiveness of suit therapy?

Well-designed clinical trials are needed to demonstrate that this treatment is as effective as conventional physiotherapy in the treatment of cerebral palsy or other neuromuscular disorders, that it improves patients' functional abilities and activities of daily living, and that it decreases impairment.

What is the difference between is theNeuroSuit and other suit?

NeuroSuit™ is the only suit offering a complete mode of therapy to include head, uppr body, elbows and hands.

What is the origin of NeuroSuit ?

The concept originated in the Russian Space Program in the 1970s, in the form of a compression suit used to combat the negative effects of weightlessness in prolonged space flights. The technique proved to be successful, and a Russian businessman adapted the technology for use back on Earth.

Patricia Gonzalez ,OTR/L recognized that traditional therapy put limitations on therapists and the results they could achieve. US therapists were being held back due to the frequency and duration of therapy sessions which were allowed by insurance companies and also by the physician's recommendations. Beginning in Hippotherapy in 1998,Patricia Hernandez, soon discovered an intensive approach to physical and occupational therapy which was being utilized in both Poland and Russia. At this time the therapy was not available in the US and Gonzalez sought other avenues before gaining years of experience and seeking the ultimate training which would expand her knowledge and give her the tools to change the lives of many.

Patricia traveled to Poland and Russia to train with the Chief of Staff from the National Adeli Training Center in Yaroslavl, Russia. In March 2005 the Chief of Staff, Dr. Lyudmila Martyanova from Russia , another fellow physician and top physical therapist came to the US for 12 weeks to train her on the Adeli Suit and the methodologies. With this intensive training and the years of experience, Gonzalez has given theNeuroSuit™ training staff the knowledge and tools to share with others as we grow spreading new hope for our loved ones and those we treat.