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Neurofeedback is a therapeutic modality to improve the electrical activity of the central nervous system. EEG Neurofeedback or neurofeedback can facilitate and enhance normal functioning of the brain.

Neurofeedback is brain training system that enables persons to change their brain waves to achieve self regulation. EEG Neurofeedback has been shown to reduce unproductive brainwave.  EEG Neurofeedback has been associated with improvements in most cognitive testing  rating scale.  Studies revealed differential EEG patterns for theta/beta and SCP training provide further evidence that distinct neuronal mechanisms may contribute to similar behavioral improvements in children with mental challenges as ADHD, Autism and cognitive impairment.

Neurofeedback is a comprehensive system that promotes change at the cellular level of the brain and empowers the client to use his or her mind as a tool for healing. 

Research has shown that related symptoms of many conditions are the result of brain dysfunction in multiple brain regions. The brains of individuals with ASD show areas of both excessively high connectivity and deficient connectivity. Neurofeedback Therapy targets the over-production of fast  wave activity in the Autistic or Asperger’s patient and trains them to lower it. (Unfortunately, this training is only available to ASD patients  4 ½ years of age and older, who have some capacity to interact with the therapist.) The procedure is similar to treating the ADD patient although the treatment protocol is almost the exact opposite!  With neurofeedback therapy the patient is taught to recognize their over focusing and to slow it down. Like the ADD patients, they are conditioning their brainwave patterns to normalize.  Right from the beginning we look for these changes in EEG patterns to insure that the neurofeedback treatment is working.

Benefits of Lens Neurofeedback

  • reduction in autistic symptoms
  • enhancement of function between the brain and behavior
  • reduction of hyperconnectivity

Neurofeedback seems capable of remediating connectivity disturbances when these data are considered as part of treatment planning. Connectivity-guided neurofeedback is capable of significantly remedying these anomalies and reducing autistic symptoms. Hyperconnectivity seen in patients with ASD can be remedied with coherence training and other neurofeedback approaches.

Neurofeedback is efficacious for individuals in the Autism spectrum. Neurofeedback, a process of neuroregulation has been proven to assist many with similar behaviors to those in the Autistic spectrum. This methodology has been studied and used successfully with those exhibiting ADHD behaviors, anxiety, sleep disorders, and addiction and preliminary work with individuals in the Autistic spectrum is showing promise. This process trains brain waves through operant conditioning using EEG readings, therapist computers controlling protocols, and game computers being used to provide feedback for the individual. This method allows the brain to begin to operate at optimal levels appropriate for the individual, assisting many of those in the autism spectrum to reduce confusing delta, theta, and alpha brain states and encouraging the use of beneficial beta and SMR frequencies.

LENS is a biofeedback tool.  LENS is not a treatment that is promised or effective for the treatment of any medical or psychological condition, and is not in any way offered or represented as a treatment.  It is represented as EEG biofeedback.

Neurofeedback Appointment

Call us today to schedule a consultation with our qualified and experience practitioners to learn more about Low Energy NeuroFeedback (LENS) Therapy for the ASD patient. Please feel assured, we will do everything possible to ensure a positive treatment outcome for your loved one.

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