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How is Complementary Therapy different from other treatments?

Our treatment services are non-invasive and rehabilitative in nature. We integrate evidence-based complementary therapies to provide our clients with a wider range of treatment strategies and to implement care management more effectively.

We do not use cold laser or electro-therapy such as pulsed signal therapy.


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Do I need a referral from my GP?

A formal referral from your GP is not necessary, the majority of patients self-refer. If you'd like to get treatment paid for by a private health scheme contact your Doctor first.  At Complementary Therapy our practitioner will first go through your medical history, conduct an EEG assessment , and where appropriate, order some investigations, before recommending a treatment based on your condition.

What is Specialized Body Work ?

Our therapists uses manual techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body muscles, fascia, skin and tendons to  release adhesions, strains and sprains in the fascia and muscles. Therapist will work on the connective tissue to help free the soft tissues and thus releasing the chronic pain.  Integrated physical therapy can relieve muscle tension and stress, promote relaxation, and improve circulation and range of motion. We systematically organizes the body’s network of soft tissues and joints to support the muscular and skeletal system to its natural structural integration. Our unique integration of complementary alternative therapies has facilitated pain relief and better quality of life of our clients on a regular basis. We do not use electro-therapy such as  pulsed signal therapy or cold laser.

How can I be sure I am in safe hands when Complementary therapy practitioner?

Our Therapists has gone through both theory and practical examination and have demonstrated to the certifying body via a detailed application process that they are a safe and competent practitioner, that they have adequate private insurance and have agreed to abide by a Code of Practice.

 Can I cliam private medical insurance?

Many private health insurance schemes give benefit for Manual Therapeutic treatment. Some companies will reimburse the total fee or pay a percentage of the costs. Contact the help line of your insurance company who will explain the actual benefits and methods of claim for your individual policy. 

Are joints manipulation used?

If the patient is uncomfortable with mobilization taking place, or performing mobilization is unsafe, then alternatives are taught. Mobilizations are only one of many techniques available to our Therapist.

Does it matter what I wear for treatment (Specialized Body Work)?

For most treatments we like to be able to observe and palpate your soft tissue to determine its integrity. We prefer you to wear lose clothing. Easily removed outer clothing is best. Please avoid large or delicate jewellery. Patient gown is available for you.

Do I need to take time off work after treatment?

Following an treatment, it is necessary for most people to rest and refrain from heavy work. It advisable to avoid vigorous or heavy activities for the rest of that day.

Can I exercise whilst after treatment?

Under most circumstances, especially if you being treated, it is best to avoid all exercise until your Therapist advises otherwise. Under all circumstances you should not exercise the day of the treatment. 

Is Specialized Body Work suitable for babies and young children?

Yes, our therapies are suitable for babies and children, right from birth and is absolutely safe.

Is treatment suitable for older people?

Our treatment modalities remains suitable for someone throughout his or her life. Some techniques may need changing slightly but the benefits are the same at any age. 

How long is the treatment session?

The average length of time for one treatment session is 45 minutes. Certain conditions and your initial consultation may take longer.

 Are there any side effects from treatment?

Following your first session of Manual Therapy you can expect to feel stiff and sore for up to 48 hours. This is similar to the feeling after too much unaccustomed exercise. When very long term problems are released, soreness and stiffness are also common.  

 How many sessions of treatments required?

 Complemenatary therapies is patient centered, which means treatment is geared to you as an individual. We should be able to give you an indication after your first visit.

Are The Treatments Expensive? 


The exact treatment varies and the cost depends on the specific condition and number of sessions needed. However, our clients will find the treatments to be more cost effective than paying for long term medications, surgery, and other treatments


Should I prepare anything for the consultations or treatments? 


It would be good, though not essential, to bring medical investigations, reports, referral letters and memos.


If you are unable to reach or get through our line, all of our staff are most probably engaged with clients. Please do call again, or consider sending us an sms to get back to you.

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