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EEG Biofeedback is a therapeutic modality to improve the electrical activity of the central nervous system. EEG biofeedback is a specialized application of biofeedback or brainwave data in an operant conditioning paradigm.  EEG Biofeedback  or  neurofeedback can facilitate and  enhance normal functioning of the brain.

EEG Biofeedback is brain training system that enables persons to change  their brain waves to achieve self regulation. EEG Biofeedback has been shown to reduce unproductive brainwave.  EEG Biofeedback has been associated with improvements in most cognitive testing  rating scale.  Studies revealed differential EEG patterns for theta/beta and SCP training provide further evidence that distinct neuronal mechanisms may contribute to similar behavioral improvements in children with mental challenges as ADHD, Autism and cognitive impairment.

EEG Biofeedback Treatment Benefits

Specifically, EEG Biofeedback  has reliably decreased:

  • irritability and explosiveness
  • distractibility to visual and auditory stimuli
  • blaming of others
  • attention problems
  • difficulty absorbing verbal and written material
  • sleeping problems at night
  • procrastination

EEG Biofeedback  has reliably reliably increased:


  • sense of physical self and boundaries
  • ease of taking in information
  • short-term memory
  • ability to finish what is started
  • ease of listening, comprehending, and conversing
  • ability to disengage from one task and move to another as priorities change

EEG Biofeedback Potential Application

Anxiety- depression 

Attention Deficit Disorder


Tourett's Syndrome


Learning Disorder




Developmental Delay

Learning Disabilities

Mathematical Disabilities 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders


Poor Academic Performance



Sleep Disorder



Test is essential to design treatment and achieving optimal brain functioning. ADHD test may show if the child has abnormal EEG brainwave, reduced  responsiveness, hyperactivity symptoms. Most teachers have major problems in assessing children with specific language impairment or children with ADD or ADHD.  People with ADHD are often unable to suppress alpha during normal condition. ADHD test may reveal if ADHD children  are able to attend to and process visual stimuli as efficiently as children without ADHD. 


How is the Test done? 

ADHD test using EEG Mini-Q assessment gives us the ability to view the dynamic changes taking place throughout the brain during cognitive processing tasks.  

ADHD Test can gather abnormal brainwave patterns. For example, if parietal region has association for inattentive and a fronto-temporal association for hyperactivity symptoms.

 ADHD test


How many EEG Biofeedback sessions are required?

Current research have yet to conclude that all trained EEG parameters will lead to distinct changes in the resting EEG. Future studies should address how to optimize Neurofeedback or EEG Biofeedback for children or adult with ADHD especially which combination of treatment protocol and how many training sessions, might be appropriate for an individual child.

The investment fees for ADHD Testing is SGD$195. The test may last for 75 - 120 minutes. Please schedule an appointment for the test on weekdays from 2pm - 6pm. For Saturday appointment 10am-1pm , two weeks advanced booking is required.


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