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ADHD people may be treated with drug such as methylphenidate and dexamphetamine. When the drug is stopped often the initial complaints will come back again. Long term use of these drugs can give adverse effects.  At Complementary Therapy Singapore, we offer non-drugs ADHD Treatment for children and adult using a combination of complementary alternative therapies such as physical therapy, Energy Therapy and Mind-Body Medicine.

EEG BIOFEEDBACK or Neurofeedback for ADHD is comparable to that of stimulant drugs.  Studies shows that clinical effects of neurofeedback are stable and might even improve further with time. ADHD treatment starts with EEG assessment (base-line) during pre-treatment. Initial assessment may include behavioral assessment and other assessments.

Attention Deficit therapy are individualized for each client. Intermediate and post-treatment EEG recordings may be taken.Differential EEG patterns for theta/beta and SCP training provide further evidence that distinct neuronal mechanisms may contribute to similar behavioral improvements in children with ADHD. Future studies are needed to address how to optimize Neurofeedback  training for people with ADHD, particularly which treatment protocol (or combination of protocols), and how many training sessions, might be appropriate for an individual person.


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