Complementary Alternative Medicine Asia

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Complementary Alternative Medicine Asia Singapore practice evidenced-based complementary medicine to help patients who are seeking non-drug and  natural solutions to reduce motor problems in neurodevelopmental disorders,  Chronic Pain, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Musculoskeletal Pain, Musculoskeletal Disorder Children Therapy We offer complementary therapies services to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Complementary Alternative Medicine Asia

Our fully qualified therapists do not employ a particular method of treatment but a combination of mobilization, manipulation, Muscle energy technique and facilitation techniques. We specialized in physical therapy including Cerebral Palsy TherapyMyofascial ReleaseTrigger point therapy,  TCM Acupressure , Deep Tissue Massage, neuromuscular Therapy for  Musculoskeletal pain Shoulder PainNeck Pain ,Frozen Shoulder Jaw PainLow Back Pain , Knee Pain, Sciatica ,Pelvic Pain.

Our treatment protocol is holistic, non-invasive, painless and safe. Only the skilled hands of a trained and experienced therapist will perform the assessment and treatment. Certified Physical therapist perform comprehensive assessment to examine the contribution of muscles and their potential roles in the Patient's problem so that proper treatment can be instituted. Physical therapy protocol may include mobilization or manipulation of the muscular systems in treating adhesions, lesions, reducing pain and restoring the motion of the loco motor system. Physical Therapy include manual soft tissue techniques, relaxation and specific stretching, facilitation and strengthening of the muscles. Our physical Therapist will work with you to achieve the therapeutic effects of maximum soothing and quieting of the pain spot or trigger points in a gentle, safe and effective manner.

Complementary Alternative Medicine Asia combine interventions such as EEG BIOFEEDBACK  Neurofeedback, Neurosuit  and Natural Solutions, Suit Therapy.  We help to address problems such as impaired coordination, motor delays, and spasticity or muscle stiffness and restricted movement. The treatment usually involves a relaxation of relevant muscles and gentle work on joints to improve movement and mobility. Each treatment is customized to suit the patient’s needs

Our team of specialists and  therapists have special interest to help families with neurological disorders or adults children with CP or  cerebral palsyDevelopmental Delays, Traumatic Brain injury, Hypotonia, Ataxia. Our Mind-Body Medicine are non-drug and non-invasive alternatives for conditions such as ADHD, OCD, Autism, Depression, and Anxiety.

Physical Therapy


Our systems of therapy is a holistic approach to health, Our therapist will advise on corrective action and reduce or elimination of perpetuating factors to prevent further problems. Therapist may also prescribe various therapeutic exercises with the use of Neurosuit and healing equipment so that you can progressively improve your physical fitness and condition faster and better.

Depending on factors such as severity of the condition, rehabilitation resources etc, most patients will receive maximum benefit from one to six treatments. However those with severe or Neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, scoliosis or children with special needs may need longer health management and care.